Chukar calling in the snow


Chukar calling after a fresh snow – Nikon D200, f7.1, 1/3000, ISO 400, +0.3 EV, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light

I was having withdrawls after not having been out to photograph birds in a week for various reasons. Last night it started snowing just before it got dark and it continued through the night, stopping sometime around 4:30 am with about 6 inches on the ground when dawn broke. The weather forecasters had said it would clear up in the morning and for a change… they were right!

My friend Ron and I headed out to Antelope Island State Park hoping to photograph some birds with snowy backgrounds, well any bird or background would do after a week without photographing them. I was tickled to get this Chukar (Alectoris chukar) calling near the parking area of Frary’s Peak with the snow-covered mountain in the background.

Spring will soon be arriving but I loved seeing the snow today, breathing the crisp air, in great company and enjoying a wonderful morning at one of my favorite places.  The images I took… well they are the gravy :-)

More images to come soon.


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  1. Beautiful work, as usual. I like the markings on this bird, they are very distinctive.

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