Some scenic views from within Great Basin National Park, Nevada

View of Wheeler Peek from Mather OverlookView of Wheeler Peek from Mather Overlook

I didn’t have much luck photographing birds and wildlife last week in Great Basin National Park which is located in White Pine County, Nevada but I did take plenty of images of the scenery and the fall colors. This image was taken at the Mather Overlook (9,000 feet elevation) and shows Wheeler Peak (13,063 feet elevation) which is part of the South Snake Range.  The mountain ranges in the Great Basin Region are called “sky islands” and they are separated by “seas” of deserts.

View of Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area in the Humboldt Toiyabe National ForestView of Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area in the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

While driving down from Mather Overlook there are great views of the Mt. Moriah Wilderness Area in the northern part of the Snake Range.

Fall colors near Snake CreekFall colors near Snake Creek

Poplars and Aspens provided splashes of yellows in the autumn landscape, these Poplars were along Snake Creek. The area also had Pinyon Pines, Junipers, Sagebrush and Rabbitbrush. By the way, the pine nuts from the Pinyon Pines in the area are delicious.

Another view from Snake CreekAnother view from Snake Creek

The geological features of Great Basin National Park fascinated me, the mountains, streams, playas, rock formations and deserts kept drawing me into the wilderness and I imagined what life was like here for the early settlers and the Shoshone, Fremont People and Paleo-Indians that lived there before them.

View from near the Shoshone TrailView from near the Shoshone Trail

At higher elevations the Aspens had already lost their leaves.

Road to the Shoshone camping area - Great Basin National ParkRoad to the Shoshone camping area – Great Basin National Park

I loved the quietness of the Snake Creek area roads that lead up to the Shoshone Camping Area, this area is away from the busier main section of the park and there are far fewer people in the area.

Bare Aspen view at the Shoshone camping areaBare Aspen view at the Shoshone camping area

I spotted some Mule Deer grazing while peering into this Aspen grove. I half expected to see a Bobcat cross the dirt road on the way up and as I stood taking this image I wish I could have heard the trumpeting calls of the Elks. Or the scream of a Mountain Lion.

The beauty of the area touched me deeply as I wandered around listening to the sound of Snake Creek coursing down the slope touching the stark white bark of the Aspens along with the pungent smell of Sagebrush.

I’m very glad to have visited and seen the treasures of Great Basin National Park.


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  1. Humming Bird Lover

    Hi! what wonderful color and tones of the surrounding county and moutians! You feel like you are really there yourself! When I read books or see pictures I am the fly on the wall or the bee in the sky to be a part of it all. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You captured the rugged vastness of such beautiful country, Mia. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Your visit looked fantastic, weather and photo wise. Carol

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