On November 18th I wrote an article on “Image Thieves – Copyright Violations

Sites that really make me angry? Free W a l l p a p e r sites that steal images from all over the internet and offer them for free download and many of those sites are earning income through advertisements on the pages.

If you read the article you may recall that it was very hard to track down the hosting provider to send a DMCA Takedown Notification because the owner; Ana, kept switching hosting providers rather rapidly. I finally was able to get the DMCA complaint to her most current hosting provider after I wrote my article.


This is what W a l l p a p e r Fever dot com looked like with my images shown on the page and it also shows how another photographer replaced their images on their own server with a “Hotlink” graphic that would show instead of their illegally used image.

The owner of this website had NO right to display my images, they did not have my authorization to display or redistribute my images or MY work for free download.

In my complaint I mentioned to the hosting provider that the owner of W a l l p a p e r Fever dot com was a repeat offender.

Apparently other photographers sent in DMCA complaints because last night I decided to check to see if any more of my images were used without my authorization on the site and was quite pleased to see that when you go to their URL all you see is a page that is typically used as a domain placeholder!

My images and those of other photographers are no longer displayed on the site!

When you find your images used illegally on a site send in those DMCA complaints, one voice might not seem like much but together we do have power!

It worked with this site and its owner.