My monthly post is up over on today, I hope you will go on over and read about Red Knots – A species on the edge. I shared a post on Red Knots two days ago here on my own blog and I wanted to share the information with the great group of viewers on BirdingIsFun too.

In case you have never visited BiF I think you will enjoy the terrific authors there, the super information and images provided by the authors and how the BiF community welcomes all birders, people who want to learn more about bird and bird photographers. They welcomed me and I am just a lowly bird photographer!

Red Knot flock in flightRed Knot flock in flight

There was another post yesterday on BiF that I’d like to bring to your attention about the American Kestrel Partnership, a project that is near and dear to my heart. My friend Matt Giovanni shares information about the American Kestrel Partnership, a project of the Peregrine Fund.  Matt is in North Dakota right now with a pickup bed full of wood destined to become kestrel boxes to be put up in partnership with USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center and Dakota Audubon. I hope he stays warm in North Dakota! Here is the post on BiF.

Female American KestrelFemale American Kestrel

Head on over to BirdingIsFun! We’ll be waiting.