Antelope Island mountains covered in snow

Antelope Island mountains covered in snow

Because of image theft I have made some changes to my blog, one of the first that will be noticed by people who have subscribed to my blog is that I will only be using a summary for my published posts from now on. The reason for that is that content scrapers can access my images through my RSS feed. It pains me that I feel that I have to do this because there may be some of you who read my posts in your RSS feed rather than on my site.

Another things I have done is removed the link I had up at the top to my Bird and Nature W a l l p a p e r s and I removed those images from my site entirely. What started off as a gift from me to my viewers may have caused the image thieves to find my site and begin lifting my images from it.

I also changed or removed the word w a l l p a p e r everywhere so that the content scrapers don’t pick that up on a Google search. If you have a blog really consider not having the word w a l l p a p e r anywhere on it and don’t use it as a tag or a category.

I found a plugin that can block access to my blog by country and I have blocked a few countries from being able to see my blog because some of the content scrapers live there. It won’t stop all of the pukes that steal images but it will slow down some of them.

I am particularly fed up with w a l l p a p e r sites that steal our images to get money from advertisements that the rotten jerks place on their sites and how difficult it can be to get the images removed.

Seeing how rampant copyright infringement is on the web is disheartening at times. This is one of them.