Some fun with birds from yesterday

Chukar running in the snowChukar running in the snow

I spent the day photographing with Ron and a fellow photographer friend of ours from Arizona, Brian Gatlin. Antelope Island State Park was slow, the only images I took were of the Chukar above.

Great Blue Heron preening to remove ice
Great Blue Heron preening to remove ice

Farmington Bay WMA; on the other hand, was hopping. This Great Blue Heron; probably the same one I photographed a few days ago, was trying hard to get the ice off that had formed on the straggly part of its chest plumage.

Juvenile Black-crowned Night HeronJuvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

Then there was this juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron standing in the open water near the second bridge. It also had ice hanging from its plumage.

Rough-legged Hawk juvenile
Rough-legged Hawk juvenile

There was also cooperative juvenile Rough-legged Hawk perched on a bush near the road.

Barn Owl
Barn Owl

And this lovely Barn Owl that probably couldn’t figure out why three glass lenses in the pick up were pointed at it along with one in a vehicle behind us. The bird obviously doesn’t know it has Star Power.

A wonderful fun-filled day with great companionship and plenty of birds. I can’t ask for more.


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  3. Now THAT is my kinda day and you always come back with such fabulous shots!!!

    • Thank you Sherry, the day got better as it went on, at first I didn’t think we were going to get anything. Kind of like today, it started off gray and lightly snowing but right now it is sunny but I am home culling images!

  4. Great shots, my favorite is the Barn owl. Also enjoy the coyote and bison photos. I have been following your posts for awhile . Keep the beautiful pics coming.

  5. Love the variety of birds. My fav is the barn owl. I have been following your posts for awhile now. Just love the coyote’s and Bison too. Keep the pics coming.

  6. Wow! Great day. All the photos are outstanding, but the ice on the plumage of the BCNH really caught my attention. Our shrubbery doesn’t get that much ice all winter, unless we forget to turn the sprinkler system off on an unusually cold night!

  7. What a great roundup Mia.

  8. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    I’ve heard of great-blue herons actually freezing in the water and not able to get out till it thaws. I was never quite sure whether or not to believe it… but your photo reminded me….

  9. Amazing photos! The birds look great with the snowy backgrounds.

  10. Looks like you had a great day! Wonderful images, as usual! Of course, I can’t comprehend all that white stuff in the background or ice accumulating on feathers………..:)


  11. Super shots as always Mia! I love starting off a non-birding day with some ON The Wing Photography!

  12. I stopped by Farmington Bay on my way home home from work yesterday and probably saw some of the same birds, but my pictures are only a fraction as good. Great photographs Mia!

  13. Mia…such beautiful bird pics!!! Love love the owl. And the night heron. I don’t see much of those. You are so are so fortunate.

  14. Beautiful birds, but I’m in love with the Barn Owl, precious.

  15. Wonderful post, as always, Mia!

  16. The Chukar has such beautiful markings and the show up so strikingly against the snow backdrop . Nice work Mia…sounds like you all had a grand day out .

    • Thanks John, we did have a grand day out and it was especially nice because the day started off very gloomy and gray but the sun broke through and the birds came out!

  17. It sounds like you had a wonderful day Mia, the photos are positively wonderful as usual:)

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