Chukar running in the snowChukar running in the snow

I spent the day photographing with Ron and a fellow photographer friend of ours from Arizona, Brian Gatlin. Antelope Island State Park was slow, the only images I took were of the Chukar above.

Great Blue Heron preening to remove iceGreat Blue Heron preening to remove ice

Farmington Bay WMA; on the other hand, was hopping. This Great Blue Heron; probably the same one I photographed a few days ago, was trying hard to get the ice off that had formed on the straggly part of its chest plumage.

Juvenile Black-crowned near a bridgeJuvenile Black-crowned Night Heron

Then there was this juvenile Black-crowned Night Heron standing in the open water near the second bridge. It also had ice hanging from its plumage.

Rough-legged Hawk juvenileRough-legged Hawk juvenile

There was also cooperative juvenile Rough-legged Hawk perched on a bush near the road.

Barn OwlBarn Owl

And this lovely Barn Owl that probably couldn’t figure out why three glass lenses in the pick up were pointed at it along with one in a vehicle behind us. The bird obviously doesn’t know it has Star Power.

Some fun with birds from yesterday with great companionship. I can’t ask for more.