Northern Rough-winged SwallowNorthern Rough-winged Swallow – Nikon D200, f7.1, 1/800, ISO 400, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light

Northern Rough-winged Swallows have a wide range in North America but because of their drab colors they are often overlooked by bird photographers, they are the “plain brown bird” of the swallow family. Northern Rough-winged Swallows breed from Costa Rica to southern Canada and coast to coast in the U.S.

In 2011 I spotted this Northern Rough-winged Swallow perched on an old fence post at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area next to Glover’s Pond as it rested in between aerial foraging activity.

I love swallows because they eat billions of bugs, the biting kinds included and anything that eats mosquitoes is a hero in my book!