Flock of male Yellow-headed BlackbirdsFlock of male Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Yellow-headed Blackbirds are back filling the marshy areas of Utah with their odd mechanical call once again as the males court the females for their annual spring fling. If you have never heard their calls you can listen to it here (about halfway down the page).  I photographed this small flock of male Yellow-headed Blackbirds last April on Antelope Island Sate Park.

Male Yellow-headed BlackbirdMale Yellow-headed Blackbird

The auto tour route at Bear River National Wildlife Refuge is a terrific location to get up close to Yellow-headed Blackbirds where during the peak of breeding season you can see thousand of them flitting about or perched on the top of cattails, grasses and rushes. The males are easily identified by their black bodies and namesake yellow heads.