Leaf AbstractLeaf Abstract

I’ve posted about Thinking Pink and Shades of Blue so today I thought I’d share some images about Goin’ Green. I have plenty of images of hillside covered in green but not that many of the huge green leaves I would find in USF’s Botanical Garden in Tampa Florida. When I looked at the veins in this leaf I knew I wanted to take close up, abstract images.

Monk ParakeetMonk Parakeet

Monk Parakeets are one of the green birds I have photographed, this one I found at Roosevelt Wetlands in Pinellas County Florida and took images of it as it foraged in the grasses that had gone to seed. Monk Parakeets were also called Quaker Parrots, they aren’t native to Florida but they have made themselves right at home.

Grass gone to seedGrass gone to seed

Green is simple, as simple as a stem that holds the seeds of new grasses.


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