Flaming Gorge Brewer’s Sparrow

Singing Brewer's SparrowSinging Brewer’s Sparrow

Brewer’s Sparrows were abundant at the location where we photographed Ospreys close to the Flaming Gorge Reservoir last week and it seemed like they sang every time they popped up on top of the Sagebrush in the area. The Osprey spent enormous amounts of time preening on top of an ugly power pole close by or off in the distance eating fish on another power pole so I was glad the Brewer’s Sparrows were there for their song and because they make great subjects.

Brewer's Sparrow on a Sagebrush near the Flaming Gorge ReservoirBrewer’s Sparrow on a Sagebrush near the Flaming Gorge Reservoir

The Brewer’s Sparrow in these images snuck up on the ground and it was foraging and singing from inside the sagebrush before it popped up to the top, I like being able to tell a bird is there before I see them because I can anticipate where they might show up.  The sparrow was so close I was concerned that it might be too close for my minimum focusing range but I worried needlessly about that though I do wish I had set my aperture for more depth of field.

Alert Brewer's SparrowAlert Brewer’s Sparrow

Brewer’s Sparrows breed in Utah and are fond of arid brushlands and deserts of the High Plains and Great Basin where they ground forage for insects and seeds. The male Brewer’s Sparrow sings continuously in the spring to attract a mate, this sparrow sure did!


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  1. Thank you all for your comments on these Brewer’s Sparrow images.

  2. Nice one Mia! Know these guys are good singers too.

  3. This handsome guy sure looks good sitting in the sagebrush!

  4. Beautiful photos, Mia! Brewer’s Sparrows are so cute!

  5. Oh, my! Bewitching little creature. =) I love seeing the pink on the inside of the birds mouth. Fabulous.

  6. Wow great shots, and boy can they sing too!

  7. From your previous post, you hit the “scenic jackpot”! Wow, that’s simply beautiful country!

    Love your shots of the Brewer’s Sparrow. I’ve never seen one. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Beautiful photos, Mia. I’d love to see one someday.

  9. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    I’m glad the background is less focused than the bird…. to me it shows the depth of field more clearly and lets the bird stand out. I just love that shot you got of the sparrow singing… I can almost hear it from your photo! This trio of shots is such a joy to me! I love sparrows and am glad to get acquainted with one I’m not likely to see in this area. I also thank you for such great shots of sage brush! For sure I’d never get to see that in real life…. This post is such a blessing… thank you.

  10. Lovely kind of Sparrow.

  11. Aww.. wonderful shots Mia..

  12. These are beautiful Mia. I’m intrigued now and going to find out whether there’s Sagebrush in the Caribbean or not.

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