Pronghorn buck on Antelope IslandPronghorn buck on Antelope Island

Yesterday I photographed this Pronghorn buck on Antelope Island where I spotted it grazing on the new leaves of Moth Mullein. Antelope Island is named after these wonderful creatures but in reality they are not true antelopes, I think Pronghorn Island State Park wouldn’t have gone over as well as Antelope Island State Park though.

Prongs are endemic to central and western North America and are the only surviving family member of Antliocapridae. At the time humans entered North America there were five species and now there is only one. Kind of makes me wonder if humans have anything to do with the extinction of the four that are now extinct.

I hope the Pronghorn we do have continue to flourish because they are majestic creatures and the western landscape wouldn’t be the same without them.