Long-billed Curlew in a field of CheatgrassLong-billed Curlew in a field of Cheatgrass

I’ve been enjoying seeing Long-billed Curlews for several weeks now in northern Utah. These large shorebirds birds are also called “Candlestick birds” and “Sickle Birds” because of their long bills. When I lived in Florida I saw these birds in a very different type of habit than I do here, in Florida I saw them feeding along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, here in Utah I see them in the grasslands and along the shore of the Great Salt Lake.

Long-billed CurlewLong-billed Curlew

The Cheatgrass that this bird is walking in is an invasive grass and I don’t like it because of that but I do love the colors of the grass at this time of the year, those purple reddish tones can compliment my subjects very nicely.

It shouldn’t be too long before I see tiny balls of fluff following the adults through high grass. It makes it very difficult to photograph the chicks but I’m glad they can hide that easily from predators too.