California Gull bathingCalifornia Gull bathing

Okay, I admit it. I think gulls are beautiful and this California Gull sure looked that way bathing! Look at those bright white feathers, the dark sparkling eyes rimmed in red, the darker contrasting gray feathers, the color and shape of the bill. What’s not to like about that?

Lifting upLifting up

Yeah, I know. Some folks think they are trash birds. I don’t. I think they have grace when they are in flight, on the beach or bathing like this one was.

Fluttering California GullFluttering California Gull

I sort of agree their calls can be loud and harsh but they aren’t always calling. Yeah, they frequent dumps but I reckon we sort of gave them those dumps because there weren’t any for the eons that came before humans arrived in North America. Yeah, they scavenge but so do Bald and Golden Eagles and who hates them?

California Gull shaking the water off its wingsCalifornia Gull shaking the water off its wings

I had fun photographing this California Gull, it was interesting to watch it bathe to see the various poses it took and the wing positions that I saw. This pose reminds me of the one Kate Winslet had when she portrayed Rose DeWitt Bukater on the bow of the Titanic. I’ve never seen the movie by the way but I am familiar with the iconic scene from the Titanic with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

One final flutterOne final flutter

But I digress… This was a puddle in a dirt road that the gull bathed in, it only existed because of the rains we’d had for a few days before I took this series of the gull bathing. It is bone dry now though.

Just how goofy can I look for the photographer?Just how goofy can I look for the photographer?

And who can resist goofy bird images? I can’t and this is a pretty goofy looking image. I didn’t know a gull’s head could twist that far.

A drink of water after a bathA drink of water after a bath

After the gull was done bathing it took a few drinks from the puddle before it flew away. Yes, it was a bathing beauty.


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