Recently Fledged Loggerhead Shrike

Juvenile Loggerhead ShrikeJuvenile Loggerhead Shrike

The past few times I have gone to Antelope Island the Loggerhead Shrike fledglings have been very visible and active. They are learning what to eat, what not to eat and they are still being fed by the adults. The weather the last time I was on the island wasn’t all that great at times as clouds bloomed towards the north and west which didn’t make for the best background in this image of a recently fledged Loggerhead Shrike. It won’t be long before these young Loggerhead Shrikes earn the name “Butcher Bird” by following their parents wing beats!


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I am a nature lover, wildlife watcher and a bird photographer. I first become serious about bird photography when I moved to Florida in 2004 and it wasn’t long before I was hooked (addicted is more like it). My move to the Salt Lake area of Utah was a great opportunity to continue observing their behavior and to pursue my passion for photographing birds.


  1. Thank you all for your comments on this Loggerhead Shrike post.

    M. Bruce, I have heard them called Butcher Birds, partly because they use twigs, barbed wire and other sharp protrusions like thorns as “larders” to cache their prey.

  2. Mia, I love this portrait with that light as it is.

  3. THis is a gorgeous picture!! What a beautiful creature!!

  4. Patty chadwick

    Great composition…great shot. Interesting background and light.

  5. Even though all your photography is wonderful, I think this may be one your more esthetically pleasing images. The balance and tone are really perfect to my eye and of course the handsome subject certainly added to that. As a small child I was told by a neighbor that this was a “butcher bird”, a misnomer I believe you may have also heard.

    Your work will always be a benchmark Mia, constantly showing me how far I have to go – keep it up!

  6. That is the cutest little bird ever!!!

  7. What a beautiful bird!

    Amazing photo, as always.

  8. What a cutie.
    I need to get back out there.

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