Green-tailed Towhee high up on Bountiful Canyon

Green-tailed Towhee high up on Bountiful CanyonGreen-tailed Towhee high up on Bountiful Canyon – Nikon D300, f7.1, 1/800, ISO 500, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light

Last week while heading up the Skyline Drive of Bountiful Canyon this Green-tailed Towhee was singing on top of a shrub (maybe a Utah Serviceberry) and I was surprised when it hung around for about 2 minutes, in my experience this ground skulking bird hasn’t hung around all that long with my lens pointed at them.  I do wish the tail were more visible and less obstructed by the leaves of the shrub but I am always happy to see and photograph this species and I truly enjoyed its song too.


*I’m off the grid and will only have spotty cell phone connection but please enjoy this post.

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I am a nature lover, wildlife watcher and a bird photographer. I first become serious about bird photography when I moved to Florida in 2004 and it wasn’t long before I was hooked (addicted is more like it). My move to the Salt Lake area of Utah was a great opportunity to continue observing their behavior and to pursue my passion for photographing birds.


  1. Thank you all, I am always happy to see this species out in the open and to get photos of them is the icing on the cake.

  2. Great photo!.. also intrigued by the origin of the shrub name ‘serviceberry’

  3. You got nice eye contact here, Mia. I have only seen this species twice. They really are handsome birds.

  4. Nice shot Mia! Great bird.

  5. Having only seen one Green-tailed Towhee, I would be happy to just observe one again. This is a gorgeous shot Mia! The blue sky and the green leaves really set off the bird’s subtle colors. I like the tail being partially hidden to, it’s like a little teaser ;-)

  6. very sharp details and good composition like that, nice picture mia =))
    have a nice day ☼

  7. Merrill Ann Gonzales

    Look at the expression on its face! What a great shot!

  8. Nice. Agreed re: I’ll take it where I can get it. Charming bird, very dapper.

  9. Towhees are one of my most fav. I am lucky to have the Green-tailed visit my back yard! Beautiful shot!!

  10. You can really see the green tail in this shot….good one!

  11. Love these guys, great close up shot

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