Two generations of Coyotes

A Coyote from the older generationA Coyote from the older generation

A few days ago after photographing hummingbirds on Antelope Island I spotted two Coyotes along the causeway, it was obvious from the start that one was older and one was a youngster. I’m not completely sure but the Coyote above might be the one I call Scar Face. The older Coyote squinted in the bright sun and kept its ears down the whole time. It just seemed to lack interest in almost everything, it paid us no attention at all.

A Coyote from the younger generationA Coyote from the younger generation

The younger Coyote was smaller than the older one, probably a pup from this year and not quite as pale either. It did pay more attention to us and its surroundings.

A young Coyote on the edge of the Great Salt LakeA young Coyote on the edge of the Great Salt Lake

It moved along the rocks near the causeway, last year the water of the Great Salt Lake nearly covered these rocks but because of the drought we have had this year the water is receding further and further from the causeway. We really could use more rain.

Young Coyote and its pale eyesYoung Coyote and its pale eyes

This young Coyote had very pale eyes, at times they almost looked like they were an extremely light blue (most likely a reflection of the clear blue sky overhead) but they are a creamy pale yellow.

The young Coyote sniffing a boulderThe young Coyote sniffing a boulder

At one point the young Coyote seemed to be heading directly our way and was approaching the pickup, it may have been curious about us but not long after it sniffed this boulder a bicyclist zoomed up the road and the coyote retreated.

Yawning young CoyoteYawning young Coyote

Looks like the Coyote was hacking up a bone or something in the image above but it was really just yawning. After photographing fast moving, darting hummingbirds earlier that day the Coyotes seemed gigantic and slow moving but I’ll photograph them every chance I get because I am so fond of Coyotes.


Can you believe it is September already??

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About Mia McPherson

I am a nature lover, wildlife watcher and a bird photographer. I first become serious about bird photography when I moved to Florida in 2004 and it wasn’t long before I was hooked (addicted is more like it). My move to the Salt Lake area of Utah was a great opportunity to continue observing their behavior and to pursue my passion for photographing birds.


  1. It’s so wonderful to see different generations of the same species. I did the same thing with the Iguanas and I learned a lot about their behavior, anatomy and aging process.

  2. Great series of coyotes, the young yawner is a give-away. Or at least that is what I guessed when I first saw this.

  3. nice attitude on last picture, good serie mia =))
    i m away 2 weeks in holidays, a good reason to search and try new spot too,
    see you soon

  4. Dear Mia,

    I so enjoy your pictures, and the stories you tell about them. To me it is always more than just the image. So much is behind it, and you take the time to tell that story. I thank you.

  5. That is such an impressive yawn. And I have a huge soft spot for any animal which takes the crap we throw at it and survives. Though on further reflection I have a huge soft spot for most animals. And ours is the species I have most reservations about.

    • EC, I have a huge soft spot for any animal too that can survive the mess we are making of this planet. I can only think of a few animals I don’t really care for but quite a few humans that should be locked up. Thanks for your comment.

  6. Coyotes are such beautiful animals:) The youngster looks like a curious kiddo, checking everything out!

  7. I LOVE COYOTES!!!!! Perhaps that would change if one of my cats was eaten by one of them… Coyotes are beautiful and smart and have every right to exist and flourish, just as we do (although we humans flourish a bit too well on this planet). Thank you for sharing a wonderful series!!

  8. I love coyotes, too. You have to admire a species that deals SO well with humans.

    I guess I can believe it’s September, sort of, but I must say I am looking forward to forecasts where the highs are below the 90s. Not happening yet, but I’m READY for it! =)

    • Thanks biobabbler, fortunately Coyotes are extremely resilient or they would not have survived 100+ years of attempted extermination.

      It is hot here too, and I can’t wait for temps to cool down.

  9. Excellent pictures. Great colors and, as always, the associated narration on what’s going on is perfect.. A big coyote fan also.

  10. Very nice shots of the coyotes. Here in Montana, they “high-tail” it if a human comes along. I rarely get a photo of one.

    • Montanagirl,

      Off of Antelope Island and the causeway to it the Coyotes in Utah high-tail it too, they aren’t hunted on the island but they are practically everywhere else in Utah.

  11. It’s a striking contrast!

  12. Those Coyote are splendid, really real.

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