Adult Turkey Vulture on a fence postAdult Turkey Vulture on a fence post

A bald red head, dark plumage and a white tipped bill isn’t something that most people think of as handsome, regal or even good looking but Turkey Vultures are awesome at what they do. They have been called  john crow, carrion crow, turkey buzzard and “vomiting vultures” because when they are disturbed their defense is to vomit bits of undigested offal (isn’t that awful?).

Adult Turkey Vulture getting ready to lift offAdult Turkey Vulture getting ready to lift off

But they are a dependable cleanup crew wherever they might be, they clean up road kill that most of us wouldn’t touch with a 20 foot pole, then feed on dead animals that we don’t even see and they do it efficiently. They have strong stomachs and a very keen sense of smell and very graceful when they are soaring in flight.

I can’t dislike like them because they aren’t “pretty, they are birds which are my favorite subjects to photograph.

This is the other bird that saved my day on Monday in Snowville, Utah when the birds were not very cooperative and stayed too far away and yes, a big rig scared it off too.