A ticked off Bison Bull

A ticked off Bison BullA ticked off Bison Bull – Nikon D300, f6.3, 1/500, ISO 640, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light

You are probably wondering why this Bison bull appears to be ticked off. He is ticked off because I am a day late posting his mug on my blog.

I wasn’t aware that yesterday; November 2nd, was National Bison Day. I posted a Horned Lark on National Bison Day. Now Horned Larks and Bison often share the same habitat and I’ve seen Horned Larks perch on Bison pooh but my tiny Horned Lark horned in on National Bison Day because … well I didn’t know.

Yep, the Bison is ticked off because I didn’t give him the honor he was due. Now I guess I have stepped in Bison pooh.

I will try to remember next year Big Boy!


This big Brute was photographed on Antelope Island State Park in northern Utah.

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  1. Oh yeah, you are FIRED! haha Like we knew it was a Bison holiday!

  2. He does indeed appear peeved. But you know better now.

  3. Great image, Mia. A friend and I were out to the Rocky Mt. NWLR this week and were fortunate to see the bison up close and personal. I have only posted 6 of the shots so far.I was so excited to see them that I forgot to really check setting . I shall go back, and hope to see them again and do a better job. If you want to see the 6, they start here


  4. I didn’t know it was National Bison day either or I would have posted a photo of one on my blog. I like the teeth this Bison is baring Mia. Great capture as always.

  5. Also, the Bison Bull knew how many of your followers would be ticked off because you forgot November 2nd, was National Bison Day. -:) But delayed gratification is sometimes good for the soul. I like the way you framed this shot.

  6. Terrific shot of the Bison, Mia. They’re a pretty awesome critter!

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