Starling hitchhiking a ride on a BisonStarling hitching a ride on a Bison – Nikon D300, f8, 1/100, ISO 400, -0.7 EV, Nikkor 18-200mm VR at 170mm, natural light

I am so very fortunate to live where I can see American Bison routinely on Antelope Island State Park. Each time I see Bison grazing on the island I think of how close we came to losing them and how they came very near to the brink of extinction.

I love to get images of the American Bison and the Great Salt Lake in the same frame especially if there are mountains in the background so I was happy to get the snow covered Wasatch Mountains and the Great Salt Lake in this image that I created in 2012.  I also had the added bonus of a European Starling hitching a ride on the bull’s thick winter coat.