Today I reached the 1000 posts mark for my blog here at On The Wing Photography. In those 1000 posts I’ve covered a lot of birds, animals and locations.

I have written about some of my favorite locations that include my love for Fort De Soto County Park, wild and wonderful Antelope Island State Park, Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge that is an oasis in the west desert of Utah, Bear River National Wildlife Refuge, the beauty of Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, the amazing geological treasure of colorful Capitol Reef National Park and the deep connection I feel for Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge and the Centennial Valley of Montana.

And I have many more favorite locations to share.

I have posted many images of the animals I care very deeply about, the Coyotes and Bison of Antelope Island, Pronghorn, Moose, Loggerhead Turtles and Red Fox kits. Each animal is gorgeous and we need to take care of them now, pay attention to conservation and their habitats.

And although my primary focus for my photography are birds I can’t resist taking images of the flowers and trees I see on my photographic journeys. Wildflowers are my favorites but I also love any other flowers that I see.

I have also written about what many people consider hot topics such as protecting natural areas from the destruction that would be caused by drilling for oil and gas in the San Rafael Swell area, the senseless slaughter of apex predators like Coyotes and the disturbing lack of “fair chase” connected to game farms.  In the future I am sure I will write about more hot topics.

I feel it is my duty and an honor to speak up for the birds, the wildlife and nature in general. To help educate, to aid in conservation and preservation of nature as much as I can. I can speak for those who can’t speak for themselves and perhaps through my images ignite the love for nature in other people.  

It is the birds that I see who stir my photographic passion the most. The winged and feathered creatures of the air. From the tiny birds like Piping and Semipalmated Plovers to dainty Black-chinned Hummingbirds and other flying jewels.

The Perching birds that delight the eye with their colors and calls.

The wading birds…

The birds that some might not think are beautiful… but I do.

The owls that draw me in…

The birds of prey…

The Pelicans and the Cormorants…

Wilson's Phalaropes murmurationWilson’s Phalaropes at the Great Salt Lake

And large flocks of birds taking flight…

It is the birds that draw me back, day after day, season after season to attempt to capture their beauty and grace.

The other blessing that comes from my photography are the people I meet in the field, the people that simply loves birds and nature, the friends that I make both in person and through on line interaction. In Utah, Montana, Florida and beyond… wherever I go I meet the greatest people because of my photography.

And all of you who read  On The Wing Photography!  Thank you, I appreciate you all.

All of you are gifts.


Forward to the next 1000 posts…