Sun Dog in the skySun Dog in the sky

Two days ago I posted some images of a lone Coyote on the shore of the Great Salt Lake and I had forgotten the Coyote wasn’t the only “dog” I photographed that day. I hadn’t uploaded the images from my back up camera and I remembered to do that this morning and realized that I had photographed a “Sun Dog” and a “Song Dog” on the same day.

I don’t see Sun Dogs all that often in the warmer months; though they do occur all year long, but I do see them quite often during the winter and when I can I like to take images of them. This particular Sun Dog was nearly a complete circle and if the sun had been a bit higher in the sky when it formed it would have been a full halo around the winter sun. The Wasatch Mountains are at the bottom of the frame and I photographed the Sun Dog on the east side of Antelope Island.

Folk lore suggests that when a Sun Dog appears there is bad weather ahead. There were some clouds in the valley but the forecasted snow never fell where I live.

Song Dog in the snowSong Dog in the snow

Earlier that morning I also photographed this “Song Dog” as it hunted for prey along the Great Salt Lake.

It isn’t often I am given the opportunity to photograph a Sun Dog and a Song Dog on the very same day.