Fremont River, UtahFremont River, Utah

Just a simple image today of the Fremont River taken near Capitol Reef National Park last month. I haven’t had time to process many of the landscape images I took on that trip but hope to do that soon. Standing near the edge of the Fremont River made me think about the Fremont People who long ago lived in the area, growing grains, creating amazing rock art and about how much I admire them for how they existed in such a harsh environment.

The Fremont River is named after John C. Frémont who was a very interesting character. He was an explorer, military officer and politician. Archaeologists named the prehistoric Fremont culture after the Fremont River, as the first archaeological sites of the culture were discovered near its course. The geology fascinates me with the layered formations and how they have eroded over the eons.

The Fremont River and the area’s history makes me feel like I have stepped back in time whenever I visit Capitol Reef and the surrounding areas.