Peek-a-boo KestrelPeek-a-boo Kestrel – Nikon D200, f7.1, 1/500, ISO 320, Nikkor 200-400mm VR with 1.4x TC at 400mm, natural light, not baited

I have always liked this American Kestrel image because of the pose and how the female kestrel appears to be peeking at me while she preened. I also like how the talons of her raised foot are exposed. The background is exposed dirt on Goose Egg Island at Farmington Bay Waterfowl Management Area.

American Kestrels are North America’s smallest falcons and in some areas their populations are declining and more studies need to be done to find out why American Kestrels are becoming rare in some regions of North America.  The American Kestrel Partnership; a project of the Peregrine Fund, is working to unify citizen and professional scientists to advance the conservation of American Kestrels. I hope that we can find out why the population of these falcons are in decline.

I’m keeping my post today simple because I was without electricity for several hours last evening.