A Trio of young wild HorsesA trio of young wild horses

I checked one of the items off of my bucket list yesterday morning when I spent time photographing, observing and being surrounded by a herd of wild horses in the West Desert of Utah. Sure, I have seen the wild horses on my travels in the western US but had never experienced the magic of being close to them and being accepted by them.

Wild coltWild colt

It is foaling season for the wild horses and there appeared to be about a dozen foals in the herd that Wade Haskell, Ron Dudley and I photographed yesterday on the desert floor. I suspect I don’t have to tell anyone how adorable they are and I am not sure my images truly do them justice.

A wild Horse coltA Mustang colt

What I do know for certain is that these horses captured my heart and I that I felt a deep sense of awe watching these horses going about the business of their daily lives.

Young wild Horses play fightingYoung wild horses play fighting

Even though the foals are young they play fight…

Wild Stallions fightingWild stallions fighting

While the adults are far more serious about it. The stallions defend their mares and their coats shows their battle scars. These fights happen quickly and don’t last very long.

Grazing wild HorsesGrazing wild horses

While some of the horses fought other grazed, the foals nursed, played or napped and some of the horses just appeared to be curious about the three people in their midst.

A wild Mustang on the rangeA Mustang on the range

I couldn’t help being enchanted by the herd and at times I let my camera drop from my eyes so I could enjoy them without thinking about creating images.

A wild Mustang rolling in the dustA Mustang rolling in the dust

Some days are magical and yesterday certainly was because of the company of two great friends and this incredible herd of wild horses.


All of these images were taken with a Nikon D300 with my Nikkor 70-300mm VR lens attached.