Wildflowers, clouds and Mt. BaldyWildflowers, clouds and Mt. Baldy – May 2014

Today’s post isn’t about birds or wildlife it is about how scenery can comfort us and about change. When I am not in the Centennial Valley of Montana I can close my eyes and easily envision it from climbing the first hill near Monida, the views from the south road overlooking the Lima Reservoir, the first view of Mt. Baldy’s Peak, Wigeon Pond, the Lower Lake campground, views of the Upper Lake and Red Rock Creek. Having those views in my mind’s eye and the images I have taken give me a sense of peace and of belonging to nature.

Old Barn in the Centennial Valley, MontanaOld Barn in the Centennial Valley, Montana

One of my favorite views included a man made element, this old barn that was shaped by someone a long time ago with a central square section that had four rectangular sections coming off of it. I can honestly say I have never seen a barn shaped that way until my first view of it in the Centennial Valley.

That old barn came to be a “friend” in a sense to me, when I would see it I felt like it was saying “Welcome Home” to me.  There were other  run down buildings around it but it was that old barn that fascinated me by causing me to wonder who built it and what were their lives like and it was that old barn that welcomed me back to the valley.

The old barn is goneThe old barn is gone

On my recent trip to the Centennial Valley of Montana I was waiting to get my first glimpse of my favorite old barn but as we drew nearer I realized the scenery had changed and it confused me for a bit, it just didn’t look right. Then it hit me.

My favorite old barn was gone, it no longer graces the valley with its aging structure and weather worn old wood. One homely newer building still stands, the dilapidated small well house still stands and the barn furthest north is in the process of being brought down. The scenery there will never be the same because it has changed.

I felt a sense of loss when I didn’t see my welcome back barn.

Old Barn on the way to Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, MontanaOld Barn on the way to Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, Montana

I know, we never know when things in our lives will change but I had come to depend of seeing that dear old barn on each journey through the Centennial Valley of Montana. She is gone now and I will miss her.

Life is good but life does change. Even when we don’t expect it.