A mare and foalA mare and foal

I had such a marvelous time photographing the Onaqui herd with Ron and Wade that I just had to share more images from the day with the wild horses.  (The brand on the neck of the mare was placed there by the BLM)

Stallions Battle for breeding rightsStallions Battle for breeding rights

The west desert of Utah is a harsh environment but the herd is doing well there. It is dusty and dry in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter.

A calm moment for the Onaqui HerdA calm moment for the Onaqui Herd

The wild horses adapt to the changing seasons probably better than I do. They do make the scenery even more beautiful than it already is.  (yes, I think deserts are beautiful)

The future of the Onaqui HerdThe future of the Onaqui Herd

The BLM manages the land these horses graze on and the horses as well.

Wild Horses grazingWild Horses grazing

I hope to photograph this herd again some day soon because the horses and the desert are calling me.