March views of Capitol Reef and the Burr Trail Switchbacks

Capitol Reef in March 2014Capitol Reef in March 2014

I am very fortunate to live in a state where the scenery is ever-changing and that has views that can take your breath away. In March I was able to revisit Capitol Reef National Park and soak up the amazing views, geology, big skies plus the flora and fauna found in the area.

Whenever I am in the area I wonder about the lives of the ancient people who made this area their home. I wonder at times how they survived the climate which can be extremely hot and very cold. I also wonder if they thought the area was a beautiful as I do.

Burr Trail Switchbacks, March 2014Burr Trail Switchbacks, March 2014

I also enjoy traveling Burr Trail when I am in that area because of the beautiful views, the great rock formations and because while I am there I often feel transported back in time. The Switchbacks climb 800 vertical feet in just 2700 feet of road and I sure wouldn’t want to drive it if the dirt road was wet. While standing on the edge to take this image I wondered what it would have been like to try to traverse this area without the roads like the ancient people did.

When I visit these areas I do travel back in time even though it is only in my mind.


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  1. The roads get slippery and scary when it rains, but the colors of the rock intensify…beautiful!!!

  2. Wasn’t it Capitol Reef where Ronald Reagan wanted to dump waste material??? Or was it Arches? I think it was Capitol Reef. What a spectacular area, So glad it wasn’t desecrated by small minds.

  3. Mia, I love the Burr Canyon Trail! Where else can you find a slot canyon for cars.

  4. Mia–please keep sharing these beautiful landscapes. Whenever I’ve been in any of those places, or similar ones, I’ve felt the presence of those who’ve gone before us so strongly I can almost see and hear them! The “spirituality” of such places is intense!

  5. What great scenery indeed. Reminds me of the time, years ago, when I was camping and hiking the back trails of Arches National Park. Some of the more dramatic landscapes almost made me feel like I was on another planet. Can’t recall exactly were we were, so I’m always checking scenic Utah books for clues.

  6. Dramatic and beautiful. And unforgiving. And of course the earlier people recognised the beauty and the danger. Probably better than a lot of more modern visitors.

  7. Jane Chesebrough

    WOW! (Which is probably not far off from what the ancient ones said).Happy weekend.

  8. I’m sure that, given the harsh conditions, they stayed because of the beauty.
    Wonderful post, Mia.

  9. Great view!

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