Capitol Reef in March 2014Capitol Reef in March 2014

I am very fortunate to live in a state where the scenery is ever-changing and that has views that can take your breath away. In March I was able to revisit Capitol Reef National Park and soak up the amazing views, geology, big skies plus the flora and fauna found in the area.

Whenever I am in the area I wonder about the lives of the ancient people who made this area their home. I wonder at times how they survived the climate which can be extremely hot and very cold. I also wonder if they thought the area was a beautiful as I do.

Burr Trail Switchbacks, March 2014Burr Trail Switchbacks, March 2014

I also enjoy traveling Burr Trail when I am in that area because of the beautiful views, the great rock formations and because while I am there I often feel transported back in time. The Switchbacks climb 800 vertical feet in just 2700 feet of road and I sure wouldn’t want to drive it if the dirt road was wet. While standing on the edge to take this image I wondered what it would have been like to try to traverse this area without the roads like the ancient people did.

When I visit these areas I do travel back in time even though it is only in my mind.