American Kestrel male on frosty Rabbitbrush

American Kestrel male on frosty RabbitbrushAmerican Kestrel male on frosty Rabbitbrush

I know a lot of people are suffering because of the heat of summer so I though I would post an image of a male American Kestrel perched on a frosty Rabbitbrush. It was very chilly that day and I am glad I had my gloves on but even so my finger tips got numb. The background isn’t actually sky, it is the frozen Great Salt Lake. The temps are supposed to be in the low to mid 80’s today, much different than winter in the Salt Lake Valley.


*I am away, thanks for viewing and feel free to share this post with friends & family.

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I am a nature lover, wildlife watcher and a bird photographer. I first become serious about bird photography when I moved to Florida in 2004 and it wasn’t long before I was hooked (addicted is more like it). My move to the Salt Lake area of Utah was a great opportunity to continue observing their behavior and to pursue my passion for photographing birds.


  1. Winter here – but no kestrels nearby. And definitely no American kestrels. So thank you for improving my morning.

  2. Any sighting of a kestrel is welcomed any time, frost or no frost. Its only 8 AM and already too warm and humid to be comfortable, so the frost is like icing on the kestrel’s kake….

  3. Beautiful photo! Love this little birds :)

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