Nesting Birds

What Not To Do When Finding a Baby Bird – Caged Lark Sparrow

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I wasn't sure I wanted to write this post about an imprisoned Lark Sparrow I heard about on a Facebook group that is about identifying birds but after mulling it over I decided I'd tell the story.

Approaching Chicks Too Close – When Something Should be Said or Done

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I know that what this person did was not right and the 8 moderators of that group should have said something but in 15 days they haven't said a word about them being too close to the owl chick.

Red-tailed Hawk Chicks – The Wind Blew Their Nest Away

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The adult Red-tailed Hawks were nearby and could easily see their chicks from where they were perched, the chicks looked healthy, well fed and were partially hidden in tall grasses.

Male Short-eared Owl in Search of Prey for Chicks

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There have been a few Short-eared Owls that I keep seeing in the same locations over a period of about a month and yesterday I believe that I saw and photographed a male Short-eared Owl hunting for prey for his chicks.