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Richardson’s Ground Squirrel Images and Information:

Urocitellus richardsonii used to be Spermophilus richardsonii

  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrels are mottled gray or yellow gray above, lower parts are buff or white, tails are short with borders of white or buff. Ears are so small they look like holes.
  • Males are generally larger than females.
  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrels begin hibernation as early as July in some areas, first year young generally go into hibernation later than adults.
  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrels eat nuts, seeds, grains and grasses as well as grasshoppers.
  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrel litter size averages 6 per litter.
  • Nicknames for Richardson’s Ground Squirrels include “Picket Pin” and “Flickertail” although most people just call them “Gophers”. They aren’t gophers though.
  • Richardson’s Ground Squirrels live 3 to 4 years.
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