With Midges Emerging Will Swallows Arrive Soon?

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That one midge I saw in the restroom at Bear River MBR did cause me to wonder if the swallows will show up early this year in northern Utah or will the predicted cooler weather cause them arrive at their normal time.

Farmington Bay Ring-billed Gull Immediately After Bathing

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As much as I like the first photo where the Ring-billed Gull has its wings spread and its feet still in the water I like the second photo even more because of the action and how the bird is suspended over the water.

Black-bellied Plover Bathing In A Tidal Lagoon On The Gulf Coast

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After taking the quick bath in the tidal lagoon the Black-bellied Plover flew off towards the shoreline of the lagoon to shake and fluff its feathers until they were dry.

Growing Tired of the Winter That Wasn’t & Looking Forward To Spring

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When I look up at the tops of the Wasatch, Oquirrh, Stansbury and Promontory mountain ranges and they look more like late April or May than they do on a normal winter because there is just so little snow up there.