brine flies

European Starling eating Brine flies on the shoreline of the Great Salt Lake

June 21st, 2013|

Last week I was photographing shorebirds and a Chukar eating Brine flies on the shore of the Great Salt Lake when this European Starling flew in and started to eat them too.

The Brine Fly Buffet begins on the Great Salt Lake

March 11th, 2013|

Yesterday while near the marina on Antelope Island State Park I spotted my first of the year Brine Flies warming up on some of the rocks in the water.

California Gull – The Chase is On

October 3rd, 2012|

While my mother was visiting Utah she was able to see how California Gulls chase and feed on Brine Flies, it is fascinating feeding behavior. As my mom watched, I photographed.

Birds of Antelope Island – A Mix of Feathered Friends

June 28th, 2012|

Yesterday I photographed a mixture of birds on Antelope Island State Park.