Perched Gray Flycatcher Eating A Damselfly

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As I watched the Gray Flycatcher it flew towards me, snatched a damselfly from mid air then landed on a dead branch not too far away and proceeded to eat it while I photographed the bird.

Short-eared Owl – Comparing Early to Mid Morning Light On My Subject

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While this final image shows a beautiful Short-eared Owl, nice sharpness and details when I compare it to the first photo it just isn't as visually appealing to me as the first photo which was taken in softer light.

Cedar Waxwings in a Canyon & Memories of My Grandmother From Long Ago

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I was looking through my archives from last year and came across some images I had taken last June in Morgan County, Utah that I hadn't processed yet and I came across these Cedar Waxwing photos.