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American Avocet

American Avocet Images and Information:

Recurvirostra americana

  • American Avocets are large, graceful shorebirds with long, upturned black bills, black and white plumage with rusty or white heads. The black plumage can also look brownish.
  • American Avocets breed from interior Washington to British Columbia east to Minnesota and south to California and Texas. They winter along the Gulf coast, the Atlantic Coast of Florida, the Caribbean and the Pacific coast of California
  • Their preferred breeding habitat includes freshwater marshes, shallow, marshy lakes, interior saline lakes and brackish water along the coasts.
  • American Avocets eat marine invertebrates.
  • American Avocets lay 3 to 4 eggs which take 22 to 29 days to hatch, both sexes incubate. They are monogamous.
  • American Avocets can live up to 15 years.

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