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Bison bull close up while drinking water

American Bison Images, Facts and Information:

Bison bison

  • American Bison are large, shaggy and dark brown mammals with horns, hooves, long tails and have massive heads and humped shoulders.
  • American Bison are the largest terrestrial animals in North America.
  • The number of American Bison was in the millions before settlers arrived and killed them by the millions. They almost became extinct but now number about 200,000.
  • The preferred habitat of American Bison includes plains, river valleys, prairies and some times the edge of forests.
  • American Bison eat grasses, forbs and sedges. They will push snow aside in winter to get to their food.
  • Male American Bison go into rut during the fall and will fight to mate with the females. Males can weigh up to 2000 pounds and females to just a little over 1000 pounds.
  • American Bison normally have one calf but at times there may be twins. The cows raise the young.
  • American Bison are also called American Buffalo. Males are bulls, females are cows. Bison calves are called “Reds” or “Little Reds”.
  • American Bison live up to 25 years in the wild.

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