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American Bittern Images

American Bittern Images and Information:

Botaurus lentiginosus

  • American Bitterns have brown, buff and white streaked plumage, long, sharp bills, yellow to orange eyes, short legs and compact bodies.
  • American Bitterns are migratory and will spend winters where there is open water.
  • American Bitterns eat small fish and mammals, insects, crayfish and amphibians.
  • Their preferred habit includes marshes and wetlands with tall vegetation.
  • American Bitterns lay 2 to 7 eggs which take 24 to 28 days to hatch. The female incubates and they are primarily monogamous.
  • Nicknames for American Bitterns include “stake-driver”, “water-belcher” and “thunder-pumper”.
  • A group of bitterns can be called a “siege”, “pretense”, “dash” and “freeze” of bitterns.
  • American Bitterns can live to be 8 years old.

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