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American Pipit Images

American Pipit Images, Facts and Information:

Anthus rubescens

  • American Pipits are medium sized songbirds that have brown backs, brown stripes on their chests, white outer feathers on their tails, thin beaks and a pale line over their eyes. They bounce their tails up and down quite often.
  • American Pipits are migratory.
  • American Pipits during the breeding season can be found in alpine and arctic tundra and during migration they prefer mudflats, plowed fields, marshes, coastal beaches and rivers.
  • American Pipits eat insects and seeds.
  • American Pipits lay 3 to 7 eggs which hatch in 13 to 15 days. The female incubates and raises the young, they are monogamous.
  • American Pipits have also been called “Water Pipits” and “Buff-bellied Pipits”.
  • American Pipits live at least 4 years.

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