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American Tree Sparrrow Images

American Tree Sparrow Images, Facts and Information:

Spizelloides arborea

  • American Tree Sparrows have long tails, a rusty cap with, gray heads with a rusty eye line, gray to buff chests with a smudgy dark spot in the center. They have black and yellow bicolored bills.
  • American Tree Sparrows are migratory, they breed in far northern North America and can be found in northern and central North America during the winter. They migrate at night in flocks.
  • During their breeding season American Tree Sparrows are found near the northern tree line in thickets of willow, birch, alder, spruce and open tundra. During migration and winter they can be found in marshes, hedgerows, open forests and weedy fields.
  • American Tree Sparrows eat seeds, berries and insects.
  • American Tree Sparrows lay 3 to 7 eggs which hatch in 12 to 13 days. The female incubates and they are monogamous. The are ground nesting birds despite their name.
  • A group of American Tree Sparrows can be called a “grove”.
  • American Tree Sparrows can live to more than ten years of age.

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