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Antelope Island State Park Images and Information:

  • Antelope Island State Park was established in 1969
  • The park is 28,800-acre in size. The Great Salt Lake surrounds the island and it is the largest island in the Great Salt Lake.
  • The highest point on the island is Frary Peak at 6,589 feet
  • Antelope Island State Park is well known for the American Bison that roam the island, the size of the herd varies from 500 to 750 depending on the time of the year. Bison in excess of 500 are culled during the Bison Round Up. Other large mammals on the island are pronghorn, badgers, coyotes, mule deer and bighorn sheep.
  • Antelope Island has dry campsites.
  • Birding on the island and the causeway to the island is world class. Be prepared to be wowed.

I hope you enjoy my landscape photos of Antelope Island State Park. You can find the birds and animals of the island in my galleries.

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