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Black-necked Stilt Images

Black-necked Stilt Images, Facts and Information:

Himantopus mexicanus

  • Black-necked Stilts are large shorebirds with long red legs, long, straight black bills, black faces, backs and wings and white throats and underparts. They have red eyes. Females are more brown than black.
  • Black-necked Stilts inhabit shallow wetlands in western North America, some areas of the  southern U.S., Central American and parts of South America.
  • Their preferred breeding habitat includes freshwater marshes, shallow coastal bays, marshy lakes, interior saline lakes, grassy ponds, man made reservoirs and brackish water along the coasts.
  • Black-necked Stilts eat shrimp, tadpoles, worms, small fish, frogs, flies, brine flies, beetles, and clams.
  • Black-necked Stilts lay 3 to 5 eggs which take 22 to 25 days to hatch, both sexes incubate. They are monogamous.
  • Black-necked Stilts can live up to 19 years.

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