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Black Skimmer Images

Black Skimmer Images, Facts and Information:

Rynchops niger

  • Black Skimmers are large, black and white waterbirds with short red legs, red and black bills with the top being shorter and have long pointed wings.
  • Some Black Skimmer populations are nonmigratory and some are migratory.
  • Black Skimmers are coastal and prefer sandy or gravel beaches, estuaries, bays and salt marshes.
  • Black Skimmers eat fish and shrimp that are near the surface of the water and when their bills touch the prey their bills snap shut quickly.
  • Black Skimmers lay 4 to 5 eggs which hatch in 21 to 23 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous colonial nesters.
  • A group of skimmers can be called a “scoop” of skimmers.
  • Black Skimmers can live up to 20 years.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Black Skimmer photos.

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