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Cedar Waxwing Images

Cedar Waxwing Images and Information:

Bombycilla cedrorum

  • Cedar Waxwings are medium sized, grayish birds with brown crested heads, a narrow black mask with pale yellow bellies, waxy yellow tips on their tails and waxy red tips on their wings. Males and females look alike.
  • Cedar Waxwings are short to long distance migrants. They spend winters in the lower third of North America, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and extreme northern parts of South America.
  • Cedar Waxwings can be found in woodlands, orchards, farms, suburban gardens, riparian habitats, sagebrush, desert washes and grasslands as long as there are shrubs, bushes or trees nearby that bear fruit.
  • Cedar Waxwings primarily feed on fruit year round. They can become intoxicated if the sugar in the fruits have fermented. They will also eat insects.
  • Cedar Waxwings lay 2 to 6 eggs which hatch in 12 to 16 days. Both adults incubate and they are monogamous.
  • A group of waxwings can be called an “ear-full” of waxwings.
  • Cedar Waxwings can live to be more than 7 years of age.

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