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Chukar Images, Facts and Information:

Alectoris chukar

  • Chukars are gray-brown chicken-like birds with short necks, red legs and bills with bold chestnut and black stripes on their flanks.
  • Chukar are a game species introduced for sport. Chukars are native of southern Eurasia which includes Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
  • Feral populations have become established in the United States in the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, and high desert areas of California.
  • Chukar habit includes arid mountain slopes with grasses, rocky hillsides, sagebrush steppes, deserts and plateaus with sparse grasses, they prefer hillsides with a slope of between 20 to 30 degrees.
  • Chukars take advantage of all water sources including seeps, rivers, creeks and springs.
  • The hens lay 10 to 21 eggs which take between 22 to 24 days to hatch.
  • Chukars are not migratory but they do move between elevations are different times of the year.
  • They are seed eaters.
  • Common names for Chukars include Chukar Partridge, Indian chukar, chukker and keklik.
  • During the non-breeding season they form coveys of 10  to 50 or more birds
  • Chukars live about 3 years.

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