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Common Nighthawk Images

Common Nighthawk Images, Facts and Information:

Chordeiles minor

  • Common Nighthawks are big eyes, medium sized birds with pointed wings and medium length tails with gray, buff, white and black plumage. Only a small amount of their bills show and what does show looks tiny. Their wings have a striking white blaze.
  • Common Nighthawks are migratory.
  • Common Nighthawks can be found in sagebrush, grasslands, woodland clearings, prairies, plains, coastal sand dunes, beaches, open forests and have adapted to urban habitats.
  • Common Nighthawks eat flying insects.
  • Common Nighthawks lay two eggs which take 19 days to hatch. The females incubate and they are monogamous.
  • Common Nighthawks have also been called “goatsuckers” which refers to a myth that nighthawks suckled on goats.
  • A group of nighthawks is called a “kettle”.
  • Common Nighthawks can live to be more than 9 years of age.

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