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Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area Images and Information:

  • Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area was established on October 1, 1968 and encompasses 207,000 acres of public lands including the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.
  • “Flaming Gorge”  was given its name by John Wesley Powell during his 1869 expedition down the Green River because of the red sandstone cliffs evident in that part of the river.
  • The recreation area is located in both Daggett County in the northeast corner of Utah and in Sweetwater County in the southwest corner of Wyoming.
  • Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is near the Utah towns of Manilla and Dutch John.
  • Recreation includes hiking, camping, fishing, wildlife watching, rafting, nature photography and spectacular views.
  • Moose, Cougar, Elk and Big Horn Sheep are among some of the larger mammals seen. Birds are plentiful in some areas. Antelope Flat is well named because lots of Pronghorn can be found there.
  • The Green River has world class fishing.

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