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Adult Gray Partridge running through a field in Montana

Gray Partridge Images, Facts and Information:

Perdix perdix

  • Gray Partridge are a medium-sized game species introduced to North America for sport. Gray Partridge are native to Eurasia.
  • Common names for Gray Partridge include English partridge, Hungarian partridge, or Hun.
  • Gray Partridge can be found in British Columbia and parts of south central Canada, it is also found in the north central U.S. and in some western U.S. locations.
  • Preferred habitat is open areas, farmlands, grasslands and brush. They are not migratory.
  • Gray Partridges have some of the largest bird clutches in the world with up to 22 eggs. Incubation is 21 to 26 days.
  • They are seed eaters.
  • A group of partridges can be called a “jugging”, “warren”, “bevy”, “brace” or a “covey” of partridges.
  • Gray Partridge live about 4 years

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