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Killdeer on a rock

Killdeer Images, Facts and Information:

Charadrius vociferus

  • Killdeer are brown and tan above, white below and they have two dark chest bands, large heads, big eyes and short, stout bills.
  • Killdeer adults will act like their wings are broken to lead predators away from their nest and young.
  • Killdeer are migratory in the north and resident in the south.  Killdeer prefer drier habitats than most other shorebirds. Killdeer inhabit mudflats, sandbars, grazed fields, they are also found in towns in parking lots, golf courses, airports, driveways, lawns and sports fields.
  • Killdeer eat invertebrates including worms, snails, grasshoppers, beetles, small fish and aquatic insect larvae.
  • Killdeer lay 3 to 5 eggs which take 24 to 28 days to hatch. Both sexes incubate. They are monogamous.
  • A group of killdeers is called a “season” of killdeers.
  • Killdeer can live up to 10 years.

I hope you enjoy viewing my Killdeer photos.

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