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Lark Sparrow Images

Lark Sparrow Images, Facts and Information:

Chondestes grammacus

  • Lark Sparrows are large, brown sparrows with bold facial patterns, long tail with white corners and pale underparts with a dark spot on their chests.
  • Larks Sparrows are the only members of the genus Chondestes.
  • Lark Sparrows are migratory in most of their range but in southern areas they can be year round residents. They are primarily found in the western parts of Canada and the U.S. during the breeding season but can be found as far east as Ohio, Tennessee and the most northwestern tip of Georgia. They winter as far south as southern Mexico.
  • Lark Sparrows prefer open habitat like grasslands, fields, pastures farmlands and roadsides.
  • Lark Sparrows eat seeds, grasshoppers and other insects.
  • Lark Sparrows often take over old Sage Thrasher or Northern Mockingbird nests instead of building their own. Lark Sparrow eggs have been found mixed in with thrasher and mockingbird eggs in nests which suggests that they share their nest with another species.
  • Lark Sparrows lay 3 – 5 eggs which hatch in 11 – 12 days. The female incubates and they are monogamous.
  • A group of sparrows can be called a “flutter”, “ubiquity”, “crew” or a “quarrel” of sparrows.
  • Lark Sparrows can live up to 9 years.

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