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Least Sandpiper Images

Least Sandpiper Images, Facts and Information:

Calidris minutilla

  • Least Sandpipers are tiny shorebirds with rounded bodies, brown upperparts, white underparts, thin black bills and yellowish medium-length legs.
  • Least Sandpipers are the smallest shorebird in the world and are included in a group called “peeps” that include tiny shorebirds.
  • Least Sandpipers are migratory. Their preferred habitat includes mudflats and the edges of bodies of water including estuaries, beaches and lagoons. They breed in wet tundra, coastal wetlands, bogs, sedge meadows, and heaths in North America.
  • Least Sandpipers eat insects and invertebrates including horseshoe crab eggs, midges, flies, beetles and dragonflies.
  • Least Sandpipers lay 3 to 4 eggs which hatch in 19 to 23 days. Both sexes incubate and they are monogamous.
  • A group of sandpipers can be called a “fling”, “hill”, “bind”, “contradiction” or a “time-step” of sandpipers.
  • Least Sandpipers can live up to 16 years.

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