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Marsh Wren Images

Marsh Wren Images, Facts and Information:

Cistothorus palustris

  • Marsh Wrens are small, brown secretive birds with dark caps, thin bills, whitish eyelines and bold black and white patterns on their backs. Their tail is usually held in an upright position.
  • Only the male Marsh Wrens sing on territory.
  • Marsh Wrens are found throughout most of North America, they are migratory in some parts of their range and will winter in the southern part of their range. They prefer marshy habitats.
  • Marsh Wrens eat insects and other invertebrates.
  • Marsh Wrens lay 3 to 10 eggs which hatch in 12 to 16 days, they are polygamous. The males build the nests.
  • A group of wrens can be called a “flight”, “chime”, “herd” or flock of wrens.

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